Our stem cell treatments

We treat the following conditions

Lyme disease, hair loss and hair thinning, Joint care, auto immune diseases such as alopecia areata,

What happens first?

Our stem cell therapy always starts with the whole person, so we take a general health interview, family history, medication and of course, your symptoms.

What is involved in Stemvita stem cell treatments?

 The best stem cells to use, come from the abdominal fat around the belly button. In most people, this is easily extracted and even unwanted!

We inject standard local anaesthetic to numb up the abdominal fat…..

Stem cell therapy is an example of regenerative medicine. Stem Cell Therapy delivers a high concentration of a patient’s own stem cells into the injured or weaken area of their body.

 Stem Cell Therapy works in the following ways:

  • Promote healing
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Stimulate tissue repair. 

 Elite athletes, people suffering hair loss and those who experience a lessened quality of life overall due to physical discomfort find treatment through stem cell therapy accelerates healing and reduces pain. 

 Stem Vita offers treatment with fat derived mesenchymal stem cells.

 Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) are adult stem cells that possess excellent regenerative benefits.

  • MSC are not Embryonic Stem Cells, Placental Stem Cells or Cultured Stem Cells.
  • MSC have been used in regenerative medicine for more than 20 years and have not known long term health risks to patient.
  • They are free from any moral or ethical debate.
  • Their use in UK is in line with Human Tissue Authority Regulations (link attached) as well as Human Tissue and European Directive 2004 (PDF document attached in list of reference documents)

 Stem Cell Therapy is one of the breakthrough in natural healing. Stem Vita has been established by a team of doctors and researchers passionate about delivering the best in patient care.

 We believe that our body has a remarkable capacity to heal and regenerate when in a natural balance state. Our Stem Cell Therapies support your body to allow for maximum healing.

At Stem Vita, it is our philosophy that the future of medicine lies in using therapies that work synergistically with our bodies to heal and regenerate, Therapies to re-educate our immune systems to be in a balance state.

 Mesenchymal Stem Cell treatment is increasingly being used by patients to try to get away from use of synthetic pharmaceutical agents to cover symptoms of a disease state. Or by physicians as a treatment option for patients when other avenues of treatments have been explored and found unsuccessful.

 The longest application of Stem Cells is in treating musculoskeletal problems like cartilage problems in knees, to regenerate torn ligaments and tendons and to delay joint replacement surgery in age related arthritis.

 Stem Cell therapy is being used increasingly to treat sports related injuries especially in competitive sports to enable athletes/sportsmen to return to function sooner than with traditional methods.

 Evidence supporting positive role of Stem Cells in managing chronic inflammatory diseases like Lymes, Cron’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s to name a few is becoming more and more established in clinical literature.

This can be contributed directly to the better understanding of the role of persistent inflammation as a bed rock for a list of conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Cardiovascular disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism to name a few.

 Evidence also suggests that depressed patients show slow rate of healing shedding light on the link between mind and body.

Research shows that inflammation in one part of the body has affects on other sites in the body as well.

Therefore if we take on board the importance of inflammation in a disease, then we realise the significance of exploring newer ways of addressing the processes in chronic persistent. inflammation.

 Unlike traditional medicines/pharmaceuticals agents that work by lowering body’s ability to fight infection, Stem Vita Stem Cell Therapies work by rebooting our immune system.

 Research supports the medicinal effects Mesenchymal Stem Cells resulting in their incorporation

 into treatments offered by more and more Regenerative Clinics.

 Studies have shown that many chronic diseases are either due to lack or dysfunction of body’s regenerative cells. Same happens with natural aging. As we age, the number of functioning stem cells in our body’s decline.

 Stem Cells therapy is one of the newer options in managing aging process and associated illnesses.

We’d love to talk about how stem cell treatment can help you.

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