All about stem cells FAQ

Understandably, as stem cells are an emerging new treatment system for a number of common conditions, many patients who might benefit from stem cell treatments and the associated Nanofat, Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), PAF and PRP modalities, need to know more about how these treatments work and what is involved in a stem cell treatment.

See below for many commonly asked questions about Stemvita stem cells

Does it really work?

Yes, stem cell treatments really work. But like all medical treatments, you find some patients do respond better than others. There is however, an ever increasing evidence base for the efficacy of stem cell treatments.

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What evidence is there that stem cell treatments work?

Success is unique to each individual based on specific conditions and improvements of what that patient considers to be an improvement and success for their condition. For example, a success measure may be able to regain strength in their right arm or perhaps improvement in bladder control. Each patient is unique in their degree of symptoms which then equates to different degrees of success. Although damaged cells cannot be fully reversed, these treatments can potentially help manage your symptoms and reduce the effects of further damage.

Will stem cell therapy cure my condition?

No. Although we make no claim of cures, significant improvements and long-term stability is a goal that Stemvita is continuously trying to improve and achieve with each patient.

What type of doctor will administer the treatment

All our treatments are carried out by doctors with full registration and licence to practice with GMC who are on specialist register with GMC. Additionally they have years of experience in regenerative medicine, hairloss and stem cells therapy.

What Stemvita stem cell treatment is best for me?

Once your records, blood work and Medical History Form are carefully reviewed by our medical team, a customized treatment plan will be suggested for your condition.

How long is a Stem cell therapy procedure?

Procedures may last between 2-3 hours depending on what type of stem cell treatment is being administered. The procedure is a same day (outpatient) treatment and does not require an overnight hospital stay. Each treatment will have pre and post-treatment monitoring by their performing physician.

Are there any known side effects to regenerative stem cell therapy?

There can be some minimal felt side effects from the incision or injection site, such as irritation, swelling, and/ or redness. No negative long-term effects to these procedures have been reported.

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